OAFs Observing sites

Since we’re not an official club, we have no offical observing sites. But here are pointers to where we typically go observing. Most of these are also public observing sites.

Site Summary

Name Type Map Link Weather Forecast What we do there When
(Actual dates are set by votes)
Kanata Chapters Public Map HllrObONcs0.gif Sidewalk Astronomy Evenings around first quarter moons.
Mill of Kintail Public Map FLOcs0.gif Public Star Parties Weekends around last-quarter moon
Carp Library Public Map CrpONcs0.gif RASC Star Parties Scheduled by RASC
(Irvine Lake Airstrip)
Public Map Rod1ArsrpONcs0.gif Deep-Sky Star parties New moon weekends in the fall (when the mosquitos are gone.)


For some observing sites, we have detail pages:

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