Carp Library

OAFs often attend and support RASC star parties at the Carp branch of the Ottawa Library (next to the famous Diefenbunker). There is a large parking lot with room for scopes and visitors, on the top of a hill with good horizons. The library turns of the exterior lighting off for the events, and the sky is about as dark as you can get while still in the easily-accessible part of Ottawa.

Here is a Google map of the observing site.

Check out the RASC Carp Star Party Schedule for more information about the Carp library site and the potential dates for the star parties.

One thought on “Carp Library”

  1. Good morning,
    I am planning to go at your next stargazing this coming Friday, August 25 to try out my telescope. I have a Celestron S6 and I would appreciate to have some help to use it.
    Is there going to be someone on site that would be familiar with these telescopes?
    Looking forward to meet and stargazing!

    Thank you

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