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OAFs is an entirely informal group of amateur astronomers. We are not representatives of any other group or club (although many of us are members of other clubs).

Any advice or commentary we may provide is personal opinion only, and does not represent the official opinion of any organization, group, or company.

If you attend a Star Party, you will be walking around in the dark, amid some large and awkward equipment. Walk carefully and at your own risk - we will not accept responsibility for damage or injuries. But if you had a good time, we'd like to know.

SPAM is theft and a crime. We hate SPAM and the people who send it. This wiki participates in Project Honey Pot. So don't follow this link - it is a trap for harvesters. If you do follow it by accident, don't worry, nothing will happen to you. If a SPAM-harvesting robot follows it and then sends spam to the email addresses it contains, that robot will be added to a "probable spammer" list.