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This OAFs web site is set up using the open-source MediaWiki product (the same software that runs WikiPedia). Consult MediaWiki for instructions on how to add and modify pages to this wiki.

Fast Editing Instructions

Creating a Page

To create a page, search for the title you want using the "Search" menu in the left sidebar. Type the name you would like to use for the page and click the "Go" button. When you get a "no such page found" message back from the search, you will be presented with a "create this page" option that you can click. After you have created your page, you will want to edit some other page to link to it.

Editing a Page

On any page you want to edit, click the "edit" menu in the top menu bar, just above the main heading. An edit window will open up. An experimental WYSIWYG editor is available in the toolbar at the top of the window. Users familiar with the "WikiText" markup language can click the "Wikitext" button to access the markup language directly (better for advanced formatting, as the WYSIWYG editor has limitations and is still in development.) You can then:

  • Make minor wording changes just by typing over the text
  • Do basic formatting using the formatting toolbar at the top of the edit window
  • Use a simple "wiki language" to do basic formatting. This formatting language is documented in the MediaWiki Help Pages. Some examples of this formatting language:
* item Lines beginning with asterisks will be formatted as bullet lists
[url label] A URL, a space, and a label, surrounded by square brackets, is formatted as an external link.
[[page name]]   Text surrounded by double square brackets becomes a link to another page in the wiki.
  • Use full html if you know it (with some restrictions - don't get over-fancy or you may set off the spam traps)