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Event Calendar

Logged-in users can add or edit events in this calendar by clicking on the day number of a desired date. Documentation on how to add this calendar to other wiki pages can be found on the calendar extension's documentation page.

Coming Events

Here is a list of observing events for the next 60 days:


Star Parties

One event type OAFs often hold is called Sidewalk Astronomy, which means setting up a few telescopes in a highly accessible, conspicuous, public place. We usually set up in front of Chapters in Kanata. If you see us there, come and have a look at what we are showing. It's free.

Sometimes we host or participate in Star Parties at darker sites, such as Almonte's Mill of Kintail, or the Diefenbunker at the Carp Library. Again, you are invited to attend and look through the telescopes, and there is no charge.

These "dark sky" star parties, however, are a little more challenging since you will be moving around in the dark. Here is a RASC article about Star Parties, what to expect, and the informal rules of etiquette at such events.

If you have a telescope, bring it with you. Attending star parties with a telescope is great fun. Here is a RASC article on the joy of participating in star parties.